Casey A. Holtz, Ph. D.


  • B.S., Martin Luther College, Education (2004)

  • M.A., Marquette University, School Counseling
       & Child and Adolescent Counseling (2007)

  • Ph.D., Marquette University, Counseling Psychology (2010)

Professional Background

Dr. Casey Holtz began his career of service to children and families
as a teacher. In his role as an educator, he recognized the need to address social-emotional, developmental, and familial needs of his students and thus decided to pursue additional education and clinical training
in child psychology. Dr. Holtz trained in a variety of settings prior to receiving his Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology. These include schools, hospitals, and outpatient clinics where he gained compre-hensive training and clinical experience in assessment and treatment with children (ages 1 – 18), families, and couples.

Dr. Holtz has received training in comprehensive assessment and evidence-based treatment of early childhood disorders and develop-mental delays. He learned to conduct integrative evaluations and to provide treatment of early childhood pediatric disorders at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin. Dr. Holtz pursued additional clinical training through Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin in the area of child and adolescent neuropsychology. In addition to his clinical training at Children’s, Dr. Holtz served as a clinical supervisor at an early child-
hood psychology clinic affiliated with Marquette University and Penfield Children’s Center where he gained expertise in the area of developmental assessments and evidence-based parent-training programs for behavior disorders of early childhood. During his pre-
doctoral internship, Dr. Holtz was a member of the Infant and Child Assessment Program at Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Center.


Dr. Casey Holtz also acquired training and experience in working with school-aged children and adolescents through clinical rotations in school-based therapy and family therapy. He has provided assess- ment and clinical treatment to troubled children and adolescents
as well as their families who struggle with a variety of concerns including: deve
lop-mental delays, anxiety, depression, self-harm behaviors, conduct problems, AD/HD, Asperger’s disorder, autism
and social difficulties.


Dr. Holtz values the family as an important element in successfully helping treat children and adolescents. Therefore, in order to provide comprehensive services, he has trained in the area of adult assess- ment and therapy, and couples therapy. He learned empirical treat- ments for post-traumatic stress disorder, anxiety, and depression at Medical College of Wisconsin and was supervised and trained in couples therapy at the Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers, a non- profit American Psychological Association training site in Dallas, Texas.

Dr. Casey Holtz has received numerous awards during his educational and clinical training including Marquette University Outstanding Doctoral Student of the Year and American School Counseling Association Student of the Year. Along the way, Dr. Holtz’s education and clinical experiences have molded him into
a professional with a dedication, passion and energy that drives
him to continue to work every day to improve the lives and futures
of the children and families he serves.

Clinical Areas of Practice

Currently, Dr. Holtz provides psychological assessment and treatment services to children and families who find themselves struggling with a variety of life challenges. Specifically, he takes a developmental and holistic approach to assessment in order to identify the variables that may contribute to behavioral, social, emotional, and academic prob-
lems. Dr. Holtz then uses evidence-based interventions and treatment strategies, typically behavioral or cognitive behavioral in nature, to build upon the child and family’s strengths and to correct problem areas and identify opportunities for growth. Dr. Holtz believes his role is to reduce psychological distress (e.g., anxiety, behavior problems, depression) and enhance and promote psychological well-being. This role is realized through interactive therapy, which aims to empower individuals to understand their difficulties, increase their coping skills and strategies, and feel better about themselves and others. Dr. Holtz offers psychological assessment and evidence- based treatments through collaborative work with children and families in the areas of:

  • Early Childhood Disorders (e.g. developmental delays,
        Autism, attachment problems, behavior disorders, trauma)

  • Mood & Behavior Disorders in Children and Adolescents

  • Child & Family Therapy

  • Parenting

  • Developmental Assessments of children ages birth to five

Dr. Casey Holtz offers child and family forensic psychology services in the areas of collaborative divorce, collaborative parenting, child custody and visitation mediation, child inclusive mediation, divorce adjustment, and child, adolescent, and adult evaluations.

Teaching Experiences​

Dr. Casey Holtz has lectured at a variety of Milwaukee-area colleges and universities in the area of child assessment,
child development, learning and memory, and abnormal
child psychology.
He is currently an Associate Professor of Psychology at Wisconsin Lutheran College where he teaches various courses including:

  • Introduction to Psychology
  • Child Abnormal Psychology
  • Psychological Counseling
  • Child Development
  • Adolescent Development
  • Applied Behavior Analysis
  • Introduction to Learning and Memory

Professional Memberships​


  • American Psychological Association Division 17:
           Counseling Psychology
  • American Psychological Association Division 40:
  • American Psychological Association Division 53:
           Clinical Child and Adolescent Psychology

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