Collaborative Divorce Coach
& Child Specialist

Dr. Casey Holtz specializes in supporting families through divorce.
He works as a child specialist and divorce coach in the collaborative divorce process. Dr. Holtz will also support you in working with your attorney to complete your divorce in a way that is sensitive to your child’s needs.

Goal of Collaborative Divorce

The goal of the collaborative divorce is to assist the divorcing couple in achieving a successful resolution of various issues related to their marriage and family in such a way as to minimize the negative econo-
mic, social and emotional consequences that families often experience in the traditional adversarial divorce process. As the Client, you are
a member of the Team.

In order to achieve this goal, professionals from several independent disciplines work together as a team to integrate the legal, emotional and financial aspects of a divorce. In addition to you and your family, your divorce coach may work with your attorneys, the financial specialist and the child specialist.

​The Role of the Divorce Coach

Dr. Holtz will work with the couple to:

  • Identify and prioritize the concerns of each person

  • Resolve conflict effectively

  • Develop and support effective co-parenting skills

  • Enable the family and involved professionals to enhance
         communication and to reduce misunderstandings

  • Keep the collaborative divorce process moving toward resolution

  • Refer the client to an appropriate professional if therapy and
         counseling are warranted or desired

​The Role of the Child Specialist

As a child specialist, Dr. Holtz will:

  • Provide your child/children with an opportunity to voice concerns
         regarding the divorce.

  • Provide parents with information and guidance to help their
         children through the divorce process. This includes:​

  1. how to inform children about the divorce/ separation

  2. how to make child-focused decisions that are best based on their
          child's individual needs.

  • Support the development of an effective co-parenting plan
         through collaboration with parents, attorneys and, if involved,
         divorce coaches.

Please review the documents below

prior to your first appointment:​​​​

Client Information Brochure
Notice of Privacy Practices

Please print and complete the appropriate forms

for you and/or your family members prior to
your first appointment:
Client Intake Form​
Adult Client Information Questionnaire
Young Adult Information Questionnaire
Collaborative Marital History Questionnaire

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