Forensic Psychology

Child and Family Forensic Psychology has developed as an area of passion for Dr. Casey Holtz. While providing therapy and assessment services to children and families, he has witnessed the detrimental effects divorce, disputes about child custody, parental conflict, and child abuse can have on families. Therefore, Dr. Holtz has dedicated himself to provide supportive and collaborative services in child and family forensic psychology in order to help families through these processes in ways that best serve their children and all parties involved. Dr. Casey Holtz has successfully utilized his training and experience in child and family psychology to support families
through the process of divorce, adjustment to child custody arrange-ments, grief, and situations of child abuse. While on internship in Dallas, Texas, Dr. Holtz received supervision and training in collabor- ative divorce while successfully helping numerous families work collaboratively to make custody, visitation, and parenting decisions
in the best interest of their children. He has also supported families through the process of child abuse allegations and has provided assessment and psychotherapy services for children who had been abused or who had witnessed violence.

Dr. Casey Holtz has acquired training and supervision in comprehen- sive child and family assessment while conducting psychology rotations at Children’s Hospital of Wisconsin, Penfield Children’s Center, Medical College of Wisconsin, and Salesmanship Club Youth and Family Centers (Dallas, Texas). He possesses a unique combina- tion of skills that allow him to acquire accurate data and to provide feedback in a supportive and scientific manner. Additionally, his knowledge about child development, family, and parenting permits
Dr. Holtz to conduct assessments, analyze data, and provide reports and recommendations in a manner that is most beneficial for the children and families involved.

Dr. Holtz has acquired the academic and clinical training in child

and family psychology necessary to provide effective and professional child and family forensic services. He has trained and practiced

in child and family psychology for the previous six years while providing various services for families in high conflict or otherwise delicate family situations. He also persistently pursues training and continuing education in the areas of collaborative forensics and child and family forensic psychology as a means to continually improve

his abilities to support and serve families in the forensic arena. His training, clinical experiences, and knowledge of child development, family processes, parenting, and ethics equate to the provision of high quality forensic services including:

  • Family Mediation

  • Collaborative Divorce Child Therapist and Family Coach

  • Collaborative Parenting

  • Parenting Skills Training

  • Divorce Adjustment for Children and/or Adults

​References for Dr. Holtz’s work and work samples are available
upon request. To request an evaluation or other forensic services
by Dr. Holtz, please call his office at 414-810-7647 or click here.

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